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Tuesday, January 6 2009: Newsletter

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  • Share your bookmarks and your address book with others Memotoo users:

  • Referral: Win 1 month of PREMIUM Version for any subscription to the PREMIUM Version of persons who enter your login as referral when they sign up

  • Embed your Memotoo datas on your website or your blog by generating the HTML code with the links below and paste it into your pages:
    - your address book Link
    - your bookmarks Link
    - your calendar Link
    - your tasks Link
    - your notes Link

  • New version for the calendar: Link

    - all day events now displayed at the top of the calendar
    - events that begin before or after working hours also now appear at the top of the calendar
    - ...

  • Added a Wiki to improve the documentation on the use of Memotoo. You also can create howto for other Memotoo users Link

List of last howto created or modified in the Wiki:

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