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Friday, December 21 2012: Newsletter

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  • For christmas, Memotoo application for your Android phones and tablets is now available! Link
    Memotoo sync
    Synchronize your contacts, calendar, notes, notes, pictures and videos of your Android phones and tablets:

    • To use the tasks sync, you need to install the Astrid Tasks/To-do app

    • To use the notes sync, you need to install the OI Notepad app

    • If you have installed FunV10 app, you must uninstall it to install Memotoo app

  • New Business Version for the Memotoo accounts: Link

    • User management: you could add and delete users, change their password, connect directly to their account, ...

    • Subscription management: you could see the accounts that expire, group the subscriptions, ...

    • Share management: you could easily share groups of contacts between accounts ...

  • New interface for the E-mails accounts: search in the e-mails, define SMTP servers, ... Link

  • Use ActiveSync to synchronize your phone and tablet Windows 8 with Memotoo Link

  • Synchronize your notes with website Simplenote Link

  • 2 new SMS gateway have been added to send your SMS: TextAnywhere and Lesms Link

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