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Torek, Junij 13 2006: Newsletter

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  • Added the SyncML protocol: Link
    Synchronize your datas with your mobile !
    (calendar, todo list, and address book)

  • Consult your address book on XHTML with your mobile and find maps of your contacts addresses ! Link
    Show the map of your contacts addresses !

  • Export GPS Waypoints of your contacts addresses in theses formats: Navman Comma Separated - Generic Ascii - Google Earth - GPS eXchange Format) Link

  • Choose to show the name of your contacts between: "FirstName LastName" or "LastName FirstName" Link

  • Export your calendar to CSV format for OutlookOutlook Link

  • Extension XPIVersion 1.0.4 for MemotooFirefox Mozilla Firefox - import and export Tags Link

  • Modify the height of the modules NetvibesNetvibes.com and GoogleGoogle Link

  • Bug corrected: the value of Base DN (dc=xxxxx) was wrong since 2 weeks. If you had some connect problems, try again with the value at this page Link

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