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Torek, Junij 16 2009: Newsletter

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  • Schedule an event with your contacts Link:

    » Probe your friends and your clients to know which dates suit them for an event (eg: a diner, a meeting, ...)

  • Synchronize multiple accounts Google Calendar and Gmail Link

    » Find the same data in your Google Accounts !

  • Store your login and password of your bookmarks to find them anywhere Link
    » Passwords will be encoded with your password Memotoo.com and you will have to enter when you want to see those passwords

  • New features for your E-mail accounts Link:
    - add a signature for your e-mails
    - Collect all the E-mail accounts in only one
    - Hide or show some accounts with these buttons: and

  • New fields possible for your contacts Link:
    - Possibility to enter an other title as those proposed by Memotoo

    - Post Office Box for the addresses
    - Suffix (eg: Jr, Sr, I, II, ...)

  • Possibility to choose the first day of week in the calendar: Sunday or Monday Link

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