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Ponedeljek, September 7 2009: Newsletter

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  • Create your Memotoo profile and share it with your firends ! Link
    » Each time you will change your address, your picture ... all these data will update automatically in their Memotoo address book, and also in their phones ...

    To access your profile, follow this link: https://www.memotoo.com/myProfile.php
    (if your profile is not already created, Memotoo will propose you to create it)

  • Memotoo now keeps the history of E-mails and SMS sent to your friends
    » So Memotoo can associate them to your contacts and you can view the conversations you have had!

  • New features for synchronizations (with your mobile, Outlook, Thunderbird, ...): Link

    • Possibility to synchronize only one category of the calendar and one group of contacts

    • Synchronize bookmarks of your phone and find them into a specific folder with the mobile's name

    • Synchronize too the SMS of your phone to save them

  • Display ICQ and Skype status to know if your contacts are online Link

  • You can now receive an e-mail reminder for tasks when the due date is today Link

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