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Sreda, September 7 2011: Newsletter

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  • Synchronizations CardDAV and CalDAV are now available for your iPhone , Mac, iPad, Kontact, ...
    A new way to synchronize your address book and calendar and you will find the groups and categories.

  • Now you can synchronize your files, videos and photos of your phones and tablets Android , iPhone , Outlook / Windows , BlackBerry , ... with Funambol plugins 10.x

  • For the synchronization with Mozilla Thunderbird 6, the Zindus plugin has been added and the Funambol plugins are now compatible Link

  • Synchronizations with a remote Zimbra server and a client with Zimbra Desktop have been added Link

  • The space of storage has been increased to 1GB for PREMIUM versions Link

  • Now you can share only some categories of your calendar Link

  • It is possible to synchronize only the tasks not completed by defining task.uncompleted in the name of the URI database Link

  • The FTP connection to Memotoo is now secured with FTPES protocol (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL) Link

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