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Torek, Januar 24 2012: Newsletter

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  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync synchronization has been added and it will allow you to synchronize your contacts, calendar and tasks with Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Lumia 800, HTC HD7, ...), WebOS phones, and other devices that have this protocol (iPhone, Android, ...) Link

  • Easily share videos and photos on Facebook or with your friends: click on these links when you show your photos and videos Link

  • It is now possible to synchronize only the past or future events (example with: "calendar.1month.future") or only a period of SMS (example with: "sms.1month") Link

  • You can now set a default duration of an event. Example: 1 hour, 2:30, ... Link

  • Search for duplicate has been improved: you can better find and correct them Link

  • Now when you merge contacts, Memotoo will offer you "select" for email, phone, name, company, ... if there are several values Link

  • It is now possible to subscribe to the PREMIUM version using recurring payments as this your subscription is automatically extended Link

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