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Thursday, October 16 2014: News

New version of Memotoo sync app for Android phones and tablets


Thursday, September 25 2014: Info

Memotoo is also compatible with the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8


Monday, August 4 2014: News

To increase the security of your data, Memotoo has installed the HSTS system
» if you connect once to Memotoo with SSLSSL (=> with an URL beginning with https), on your next visit to the site your connections will be automatically with SSLSSL.

Monday, May 12 2014: Newsletter


Wednesday, April 9 2014: Info

For the security of your data, the Heartbleed bug is now corrected on the Memotoo servers:

For optimal security, change your Memotoo password.

Tuesday, March 18 2014: News

The Automatic sync in Background and Schedule sync work again.

More info on how the automatic sync is done between Memotoo and Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo ...

Friday, March 7 2014: News

New version of app Memotoo sync for Android:

Saturday, January 18 2014: News

Sync now your contacts and your calendar with Email client Postbox:

Friday, December 13 2013: Info

The sync between Memotoo and Google Calendar works again.
Follow this link to authorize again Memotoo to access to your Google calendar:

For information, the sync did not work since 4 days because Google deprecated the interface of sync version 2 and replaced it with version 3.

Thursday, December 12 2013: Info

The sync between Memotoo and Yahoo Contacts works again:

Friday, December 6 2013: Info

New page to help you to configure sync of social websites and your softs: Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

Sync Google, Facebook, Outlook, ...

Friday, November 15 2013: Info

Memotoo and Yellowbox CRM just set up a partnership for contacts and events could be synced between the two systems:

Monday, July 1 2013: Info

Soocial shutting down and will stop services the 31 July 2013.

Soocial users are welcome on Memotoo to continue to sync their address book, their multiple Gmail accounts, ... !

Thursday, June 13 2013: Info

For information, Memotoo is a French company in the Cloud and all your data are stored in Paris, France.

So no problem with the NSA!
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